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Anyone can recommend good Prepaid Legal Services Provider name which is worth having service to deal with
tenant related issue, evictions, lease, forms etc. ?


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I wouldn't recommend prepaid, just pay when you need to for what you need to. You will end up paying more unless you really get into an unusually bad conflict with a tenant.

Usually, the lease is the critical thing. Unless required by law, or you come across a really weird or bad situation, you can do the rest yourself (it's nothing to send a notice, file paper in court, etc.).

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My properties on LLC and NJ law requires to have lawyer to file as eviction if property is owned by business. Also, type of community I have properties where tenant seems to agree everything in beginning but when it comes to making any modification, they do not want to agree which ends up in eviction or notice type of situation (such as rent raise, start using basement and do not want to stop using, sometimes  renting it out to someone else, no cleaning up walkway, not cleaning garbage etc). It is like parenting to them and they do not want to listen. Some of them will agree, some will start talking back. I do get into at least two incident a year where I have to start process of eviction or going to court for eviction. 
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