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Hello, I'm in need of some insight as what to do in my current situation. I have an individual, a 'family friend', that lives with us in our home. He has no lease, and pays no rent. He does for the most part pay the electric bill, and he has his own cable account for internet he allows us to use. He eats our food, and uses the family goods to maintain daily life. I have even been allowing him to use my car so he can go to work. I make the payments on said car, and pay the insurance. Recently he kicked in my front door because he forgot his keys, and wanted in the house. That was 2 weeks ago, and he still will not fix the door. Just today he comes bounding into the house with a brand new HDTV for his room. When I ask him about fixing the door he smiles and starts playing Xbox on his new TV. I'm done, and I want him out. I have found only enough info on the internet to make me dangerous. What info do I need to know? What do I do?

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give him a 3 day to fix door....if he does not file an eviction.
if he does pay, give him a 30 day to vacate.     (he is considered mth to mth).  if he does not leave file eviction
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