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Tu an refuse personal checks from anyone who bounces one.  I have found that almost all of the higher end tenants pay by personal check.  The lower end tenants pay by cash or money order.  Many of them don't have checking accounts or know how to write a check.  We always take personal checks - until someone writes a bad check that bounces.  Big fees for that - bank NSF charges + late fees.  One bad check means no more personal checks.  And never personal checks for move in costs.

Never allow a tenant to deduct costs they aren't entitled to.  Leads to bad places!

Sometimes it is OK to have a vacancy for a short time.  Better a vacancy than a bad tenant.  We've got a slumlord here who is almost always at 100% occupancy.  However, he's in eviction court every other week with a couple evictions.  By the time you count his court costs, his lost rent, his cleanup costs and turnover - he'd be better off being more selective.  Leaving the unit empty an extra week is better than those costs!
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