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While I am a tenant I would like the advice from other landlords before bringing my situation up to my own landlord.  Please help if you can.

I live in a 4 unit complex, I live in unit 1 just off the street. 

Since I moved in, in September the man in #3 ever so often comes out to the street and will threaten anyone he sees.  Telling them he'll beat them up and even go as far as threatening to kill them.  A few weeks back he threatened to kill an 18-20year old guy and his father.  The guy across the street called the cops and they did arrest #3 (was in jail for aout 2 weeks) but now he is back and back to his ways.  I do fear for my safety while I am outside.  I dont know if people will come back looking for #3 and mistake me for him.

Also, I can not walk to my back parking space with out #3 watching me the entire time.

My question is:

As a landlord what are your responsibilities to make sure your tenants are safe and feel safe?

Please help and if you have any questions I am ready to answer.

Thank you in advance,

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 no advice? 

Today I woke up to him yelling at the neighbors gardeners.  Telling them he's going to have them fired or fire them.  I couldnt make out too much of what he was saying because they continued on doing their job. 

20 minutes later 4 construction men were across the street waiting to be let into a unit and he started yelling that he was going to beat them up.  Telling them ''you know where I stay, #3''.

I love the location where I live but these incidents are making it hard to live here.  I am in a year lease and it is not up until Sept.

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Sorry for the delay, but I only check every other day or so for new posts.

If this man is disruptive, violent, or threatening - call the police. It dies no good to call the LL when this happens.  The LL is not a cop.  He can't arrest this guy or change his behavior.  If the man has a lease, he can't even terminate it on your complaint.  That would be taking one tenant's word over another.  He can't ervict him without proof.  If he tried, the other tenant could sue him because the LL is taking heresay as evidence.  That's why you must call the police - to get independent, impartial witnesses and reports of his disruptive behavior.  With these reports, you can then send them to the LL and demand he take action against the guy.  So call the cops and get the other tenants and neighbors to do so too.
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