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Hi all!

So I own a rental property in western NC that is split into an upper and lower unit. I used to live in the upper unit, so I am personally familiar with the awful neighbor next door. The two houses (mine and the neighbor's) were built to share both a driveway and steps down the back of the properties to the street. Unfortunately, the neighbor is maniacal about "his property", which in reality belongs to his parents. The shared drive starts on his property and there is no right of way in place for my house bc the neighbor refused to sign one. The parents gave us verbal permission to use the drive. The steps however, are almost entirely on my property excepting for a sliver near the street. He uses these steps to get his mail.

This neighbor was horrible to live next to. He is unpredictable and suffers from mental illness. When I lived in the house, he routinely yelled at myself and my boyfriend for imagined slights and over use of his driveway. Overuse being encroaching at all over the property line when turning around etc. We were very considerate of him and his issues, despite his open hostility and threats. He was and still is always threatening to build a fence down the drive so that we may not use it.

Now, I rent out both the upper and lower units. I keep the rent lower than the market value to encourage tenants to stay and put up with his disturbing behavior. I know for a fact that he has threatened previous occupants of the house with physical violence and a firearm. He is constantly looking to find unreasonable issues to conflict with the tenants about. He called animal control because a tenants dog stepped one toe over the property line.

His behavior is very concerning, and is making my tenants scared. I am hesitant to call the police because of his extremely vindictive nature. My tenants may move due to fear of him.

What can I do??
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