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I am new to the Ohio area. I would like to know if there are any landlords out there who need managers for their aprtments/condos. Or if anyone can give me some ideas as to how to locate some of these owners.

Thanks Barb 


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Barb, Are you saying you are a property manager?  If so, may I ask a couple questions?

1.  What area of OH are you in?  Some areas have more retired people than others who have rental property.  Often those people are more apt to need property managers than one who has the time to do it themselves.  Also, people with full-time jobs may need one.

2.  What are your credentials?  Don't take offense, but there is a huge spectrum in the quality of property managers from extremely competitent to those who just want warm bodies in units to get their money.  Years & type of experience?

3.  How far from your home are you wiling to accept properties?  How many miles?  Some LLs own properties in several counties, others concentrate on just those in one area.  Do you want to manage individual properties or just complexes?

4.  In what way are you compensated?  A % of monthly rent?  One time fee for filling vacancies?  On-site apt. + salary?

5.  What kind of management are you looking to do?  Full-time, on-site type?  Only filling vacancies?  Showing & screening applicants?  Doing the office work to handle complaints, schedule repairs & maintenance, etc.  Prepare & prep vacant units to re-rent (cleaning, painting, etc.)?

Sorry about all the questions, but the term "property manager" can cover a lot of territory.  He/she can do everything, or very little.  How much are you willing to do? These are all questions I would ask of someone who offered to manage my properties for me.

As for getting in touch with LLs who may need your services:

First, do your homework.  If you are new to OH you will need to become familiar with OH law and procedures for non-compliance with a rental agreement/lease.  Get your resume together (most LLs will want to see it before hiring you) and approach a local LL association, an REIA group, or call some of the phone numbers that you see frequently in the rental ads.    Good luck.


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You must be very careful. According to Ohio law you must be a licensed real estate professional to manage real estate for another person(as your own business). There is a hefty fine for managing this way without being an employee of the owner. The fine can be $10,000 per day per property for each day an unlicensed person manages as a company and not as an employee of the owner.
Al Barkalow
CitiMark Companies
we are always looking for staff as well as
properties to manage

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