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Possibly a silly question from me but I'm not sure that's why I'm asking.

My tenants have to be out of their unit temporarily 2.5 days, for fumigation. do I send them their prorated rent check prior to the temporary leave or afterwards, I'm guessing before but I'm not sure?
Also if you've ever done this do you also give them a gift card let's say that they could use towards food or drink just to be nice or do you just send the prorated check.

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Depends.  Why is it being fumigated?  Is it due to an infestation they caused?  If so, I would hesitate to even prorate for those days.

If they are excellent tenants with no prior issues, I might consider a gift card for their inconvenience.  Either way, I would just tell them to deduct the 2.5 days from their next rent payment.

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