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I've listed my rental property with Arizona MLS and found a prospect tenant who is also a Realtor. Everything works fine until I sent the tenant my own lease form. Tenant will not sign the lease unless it is an AAR Lease. My lease form is from an acquaintance of mine who has been a local landlord for a long time. 

I have agreed to sign AAR lease and attach mine as addendum. No feedback until days later I was told that they found another place. 

Here are my questions:
1. Any landlord here use the Realtor Association's Lease Form exclusively without trouble? 

2. The prospect tenant claimed that AAR addresses the same issues as mine but rejected using mine. Should I switch to the standard AAR form to avoid this happening again? Or should I stand firm to my own lease. 

I'd appreciate any input. Thank you in advance. 


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Unless your state law requires a specific lease form, you are free to use any form you like (or even none at all - although I don't recommend that!)  The realtor may have wanted that form because he was familiar with it.  Did you read through it to see how much different it was from yours?  The Realtor's association may call it a standard lease, but unless your state legislature recognizes it as such. it simply isn't true.  There is no such thing as a standard lease form.  Everyone's is slightly different.

If it wasn't much different, and the other parts were acceptable to you, you could have used that form for this tenant if you wanted, then change back to yours with the next tenant.  In other words, you don't have to give everyone the same lease. 

Leases, like any other contract, are negotiable.  The LL and tenant can accept it as is, request or offer changes, or negotiate any change in terms that both will accept.  Make sure that your lease does meet all state laws and local codes/ordinances.

I have to admit, I am a realtor and a property manager.  I don't use any association's lease.  I use one that is a collaboration of several LLs from our office, an attorney, and my own clauses.  We alter it every year to meet our needs and changing items.

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Thanks OHLandlord. Tenant went for a lower rent unit.
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