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I liked to know if there is any regulation in Florida which would prevent me from providing derogtory information to a management company who has requested rental history on one of my former tenants. Can I give them the specific reasons why I would not re-rent to this tenant - like the fact that they caused damages etc.


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I dont know the exact legalities but I do know you have to be very careful with what you say.

You can be honest about late paying and damages but I think the worst you can say without possible problems is you would not rent to them again.

We just had a problem tenant leave and received a request for a reference.  All we said was the dates she lived there and about the payment history.

Who knows maybe its even the tenant trying to see what your saying about them waiting to sue or something.

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BlacklistPlanet allows Landlords and Property Managers to post information about bad tenants, even if they paid them off to get them out and avoid the long court time. 

Drug dealers, sex offenders, late rent payments, property damages

Information can be shared anonymously to avoid fear of liability lawsuits. Tenants also have the opportunity to explain and tell their side to the story.

BlacklistPlanet goes further, allowing owners to share about bad real estate agents, contractors, and others who scam Owners and Property Managers.


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I wouldn't use this.  Blacklisting is not a good idea as it can lead to lawsuits.  (Do you honestly think that that tenant won;t be able to identify you just because you don;t post your name?)  A better idea is a refernce list where bad AND GOOD tenants can be listed.  Or a list that just directs researchers to the previous LL to call.

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It's not an actual Blacklist of course, that's simply the name.

The tenant would never be able to prove who made the post, unless the poster chose to display their name.

It's time that people had a source to turn to to get the truth from other landlords, without fear of reprisal. Tenants are also informed when they are listed, so they can post a rebuttal. Potential landlords then get to decide for themselves... informed.

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I personally find that sites such as this are good ideas, and good reference points for new and veteran land lords.  I believe landlords should help each other, and with what better way than information.
Dusty Fuller
Utica, Ny

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They can only ask about the lease, so if they damage anything that would be a violation of the lease, so i would say yes, but ask a lawyer.

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A tenant who dislikes what is posted and can prove that it is slander can subpoena the website.  The court can force the website to prove the name of the person if they register to use that sire or for the IP address of the poster.  The poster can be traced and sued (as well as the website).  The Internet is not as anonymous as one would think.
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