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I couldn't think of anyplace else to ask-  if you own an apartment complex or manage one for an owner, what do you think of this situation:

This started around a year ago:  a tenant's boyfriend, who evidently wasn't authorized to live here (landlord didn't even know who he was) messed around with the washing machines in the laundry room so a machine would run for a quarter instead of the usual $1.50.  On another occasion he sneaked into the laundry room after LL said he wasn't supposed to be here.  On another occasion, when the tenant wasn't living there, he was siphoning electricity out of the laundry room to the tenant's apartment with a long extension cord so there'd be electricity in the apartment.  When tenant moved out, the guy eventually left, and that was the end of it.

Quite a few months ago, problems started occurring again.  The machines were out of order more than not.  LL installed security cameras.  Yet the individuals who were responsible this time did not stop their 'activities.'  LL changed the lock on the door, and later said the individuals broke the window and were going in through the window.  But while they've repeatedly committed breaking-and-entering, vandalism, and presumably theft, they're still here.  When I reported to LL that they'd been going into the laundry room and the lights were on for hours during the middle of the night, he said he already knew about it. 

My question:  if individuals were engaging in these behaviors on property you own or manage, wouldn't you turn them in to law enforcement?  I mean the behaviors are crimes, plus frequent repairs obviously cost the LL time and money.  

In addition, though, LL not taking action against them leaves most of the rest of us tenants in a messy situation:  first the machines have been out of order for extended periods of time, and a neighbor said LL told her they aren't going to fix them at all.  A few tenants go to friends' or relatives' homes to do their laundry, but most of us don't have that option and can't get to Laundromats either.  I can understand LL getting fed up with the time, aggravation, and expense of having machines repaired over and over again, but it's like the rest of us are bearing the consequences because they don't want to hold the wrongdoers accountable.  I'd never tell anyone how to do their jobs, or interfere in how they run their buildings, but this is one of the dopiest things I've experienced, it makes no sense, plus I haven't been able to do laundry in over a month and other tenants are similarly affected. 

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Your landlord isn't keeping up with his/her responsibilities.  The bad tenants should have been evicted and the W/D's repaired.
  • If you rented an apartment with working W/D's then you are entitled to have them in working condition.
  • You are also entitled to a safe environment.  Broken windows, extension cords running through the building are unsafe. 
I would tell your LL your concerns and document every incident.  Politely tell them you need them to address these issues for tenant safety and convenience.

Good luck!

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