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This is where a bizarre imagination can cause issues lol. So random person tells the tenant "the place will be foreclosed next month" I live in one of the units the tenant lives next door. 

The tenant knocks on my door after "random person" has left I have something important to "talk to you about"  random person put something on the door, took pictures and said the "place will be foreclosed next month" The tenant had fair in his face! started talking about "I pay on time" etc. 

I informed him they are always trying to fish around for foreclosing, with postings and saying  call this or that number. He still was "concerned" believes "random guy taking pictures" hmmm fair, paranoia and stupidly are dangerous mix. This went on for 5 minutes, he even called to voice more "concern" I even hinted no issues with the mortgage company. But he was so "sure" and going by "random guy sticking something on the door and telling him next month and taking pictures" 

So I called the bank, no issues, and "random person" probably an "inspector" so I will find out more tomorrow why would they randomly send an inspector, also they stated "inspector" is just suppose to inspect, not engage in conversation about "foreclosure" especially when the person is not the owner! 

gossip and ignorance and stupidly are dangerous! 

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Simply tell your tenant to consult the court website and the sheriff's foreclosure sale site.  Foreclosures are a legal issue and must be filed with a clerk of court.  They are, therefore, public records.  If a foreclosure was filed, the tenant could easily see it on the court's website.  If he looks at those sites and sees no foreclosure has been filed, it should satisfy him that the visitor is just trolling for business.  Once filed with the court, a bailiff must send legal notices to all persons living in the property.  If he doesn't see it filed and he hasn't received a notice from the court saying the property will go to foreclosure court next month, it's not going to.  Foreclosures take a long time to process and the tenant would have notice from the court long before the hearing.  And even if it is foreclosed, the tenant would have at least 30 days or longer to move out after the hearing.
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