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I am still fairly new to the LL business; we currently have outsourced our VA SFH rental to a professional PM company; however, they don't appear to be representing my best interests & even less competent in detailed record-keeping ( I have asked for copies of all inspections, etc & he has only produced one 2-page document from check-in & cannot produce any written correspondence between PM and Tenant for a 2-year tenancy.)

My question, my tenants have been totally neglectful of our property (house & yard); their kids and dogs have done some significant damage; and never maintained yard to neighborhood standards; PM never issued any violations; we've been out of area, which is why we outsourced LL duties.

The PM is telling me that in Virginia (VA), Owner cannot deduct for damages based on estimates alone; must be actual costs incurred and receipts provided.  Additionally, some of the more minor damages I am competent enough to repair/replace myself; however, PM is stating we can only deduct for the costs of the materials, not Owner labor incurred to repair/replace damage.

I have looked in Code of VA 55-248.15:1 Security Deposits and found no such stipulation.  If we obtain estimates on damages from third party, do the repair work ourselves and deduct only the estimated amount from the SD (essentially I would be getting paid to do the labor, not a third party that may/may not be able to get done ASAP), is that not reasonable, fair & equitable (& legal) under VA statutes?  Plese advise ASAP as my tenants are due to move out by End of June.

Thanks for any advice.
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