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We have lived, in the past, at a house on Red Bud in Sumter. I felt the need to post to ANYONE thinking about living in this home, that is apparently unoccupied at the present time, to STAY AWAY.  The landlord is terrible. The house does have a ac/heat system.... but they do not work!! NO cool air comes out. In the winter, it doesn't heat. We complained and complained, and the landlord would send a friend or relative to work on it. It would work a day or sometimes not even that long. The LL would not pay for reasonable repairs on a unit that was at least 30 years old. It is the original unit, and the property was built more than 30 years ago. The LL will want YOU to do all repairs. This LL will try to charge the tenant for general repairs and maintenance when you move. Roof leaks... YOUR fault. Pipe leaks... YOUR fault. General wear and tear.. on property more than 30 years ago, the LL will want YOU to pay for it. You would be best served to go to ANYWHERE but here.
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