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my renters lease has expired.  what is the appropriate increase to go month to month in Arizona.


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Whatever is the going rate (market rate) for that area.  We can't tell you this because it is area specific.  A 2 BD here wouldn't rent for the same amount as there, and the amount of increase that you could get here wouldn't be the same as what you might get there.  But generally, LLs may limit rent increases to 5-8%.  There could also be a state law that would limit such an increase, although I don't know of one for AZ.


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I'm in So. California, non-rent controlled property, I gave 60-days notice to tenant raising the rent 10%, now we are two weeks from new rent amount due, I get a text stating marital problems so can she pay current rent, instead of "raised" rent.   She cited domestic violence and hubby is now facing legal issues..... while I sympathize, they had problems paying late, not sure if I should waive rental increase, or what???   I'd like some input from my seasoned LL's.   Thanks 

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pheal: It depends. What could you rent it for today if they left? You don't have to go that high, but it would be the most I would bump it up. It is also worth keeping good renters. Do they take care of the place and always pay on time? If so, you might want to keep the jump lower, maybe max 5%. An empty space isn't worth a 10% increase.

Cooldrop: It is better to start your own thread for your own questions. Sob stories are sob stories. At they end of the day they just don't want to pay. I would stick with the increase. You already say they have paid late, doesn't sound like the type of tenant worth bending over backward and making exceptions for. If they can't pay, regardless of the reason, time to find a good tenant.

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Thank you for imput
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