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My lease is up May 31st. I recently signed/returned the lease renewal agreement by mail, but the landlord just emailed saying she's upping the rent for the new term, effective June 1, and I'll need to sign a new renewal lease when I get it (nevermind the one I've already sent, agreeing to the current rate proposed). I cannot afford the new amount and am left with no time to give any kind of move-out notice, nor do I have time to shop for find a place to move and pack my family up. If I am late moving out, I believe this would count against me in the future, and she'll probably assess penalty fees amounting to the increased monthly rent, true to her vindictive nature. I don't know what to do - help! Is this even legal? Thank you.

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Rent increase in CA requires 30 days notice if less than 10% and 60 days notice if 10% or more.

In CA, her increase cannot legally take effect on June 1st.

If she sent you a lease/proposal and you signed and accepted it, LL is stuck with the terms. I think you should be demanding she honor your contract.

If nothing else, refuse to sign the lease with the new rent amount and give her your 30 days notice to move. Your notice should clearly state that the new lease you signed is voidable because LL is not honoring the terms of the original proposal. Pay her based on the old amount and only the number of days you will be there.

This is not an eviction or any other negative item. It should not hurt you.

She might be bluffing. No one of knowing until you call her on it.

Good luck.
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