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I rent out three rooms in my home on a month-to-month basis, and currently split utilities equally between everyone in the house, myself included. I would like to change to a utilities-included structure to make things easier for myself and my tenants. I averaged out utilities for all of 2016 and they came to about $85/mo per person. I would like to add $100 to each person's rent to give myself a buffer for increased/fluctuating utility costs. Do I need to have them sign new rental agreements? A recent law in my state required 90 days' notice for rent increases. Does this apply?

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We need more info to check that state law to see if I applies.  I'm guessing it does since it I a rent increase.  Also, are all tenants on a month to month agreement or have their leases have expired?

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All tenants have been month-to-month from the beginning.

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If it is month to month you should be able to end that lease and offer the new one. If they don't want to accept the new one they can find a new place. I am guessing most will be happy to take it so their expenses will be easier to predict. 
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