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  I have a tenant that just recently moved and he had rented a big screen t.v. He was letting it go back and has gave the company a  notice to pick it up.So a week into this i got a deposit from the new tenant, and it costed me money letting it sit there.So the rental company shows up and i told them they owe me storage fee's for a week.I was going over the apt. when they arrive and they entered the apartment on there own will while were having a heated discussion and i tried to stop them from removing the t.v. They say there going to call there lawyer aand i say thats ok,do what you got to do.So they attempted to go after the t.v. time and time again eventually they forced it out just before the sherriff office arrived to do nothing,what can i do?


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What can you do?  It's not your TV, nor was it the tenants.  You can't keep the set or sell it to recoop what the tenant owed you.  You should have cooperated with the rental company and just verified through their paperwork and serial number that the TV was theirs, and allowed them to take it.  You charge the tenant for storage fees, not the rental company.  They are a victim in the whole thing, just as you are.  The tenant skipped out on his payments to them and left you storing the TV until they could come get it.  They are out weeks of rent on the set, you are out a week's storage of it.  Both of you need to charge the tenant.  It's his fault. 

I've had this happen before.  I merely tell the rental company that I need a copy of the paperwork and need to verify the item through brand name and serial number before I can release it to them.  After that, I will be happy to allow them to take their rented item from the unit.  I just have to be sure it belongs to them first.  Rental companies have no problems doing this.  After they repo their equipment, I've even had the company stay in touch with me and exchange info on the tenant so we both can locate him to recover the money he owed.  (Tenants often go back and rent more things later.)

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