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I rent a 1700 sqft property in Middle Tennessee. I am married, have no children, but do have two dogs. I am a disabled veteran and my wife is currently in the military. We will be moving to Alaska later this year and I would like to explain some instances that have occurred in the last month to see if you all can give me a feeling of whether or not this is normal. 

When I originally moved into this property last January (2014), I brought my first dog (Siberian Husky) along with me. My Husky has given me absolutely no problems inside the property and has caused no issues. The only damage he's done is his body imprint on my couch, lol. The conditions of my lease permit any kind of pet, any breed of pet, and any amount of pets, as long as a $200 pet deposit is paid and an additional $12 is added onto the monthly rent.

Around May of last year (2014), I recovered a German Shepherd down the road from me. His leg was broken and he had injuries indicative of abuse. A neighbor reported that he saw him being thrown from a vehicle going 30mph down the road.

I took the German Shepherd in and paid an additional $200 pet deposit, as well as an increase in my rent. He displays serious anxiety issues and is medicated because of this. He is not violent, but is a very nervous dog.

Fast forward to December (2014), I left to go to the store and returned 30 minutes later, only to find that the German Shepherd had broken out of his crate and caused major damage to the carpet inside the home. He tore a large hole in my bedroom, as well as another large hole inside the spare bedroom. He also broke the blinds on the back door. I called the property management office that manages my rental property and got a receptionist. I informed her that I needed to speak to a property manager regarding damage to a rental unit. She informed me that the property managers were "all busy" and to leave a message. I left the message and never received a call back. 9 days later I received an email from the property management company informing me that my lease had expired and that I either had 30 days from my end date to vacate or schedule a rental inspection. 

I will be leaving for Alaska in May and called the property management office again to ask to speak to a property manager to report the damage. I was told they were "all busy", so I scheduled my appointment and again, noted the damages to the receptionist.

I grew up the majority of my childhood homeless, there is nothing I love more than taking care of a home, regardless if it's mine or not. I have tried my absolute best to maintain this property and I feel that the property management office is going to come into this property for this rental inspection and attempt to roll me over the coals regardless of my cooperation. I understand I'm liable for what my property (dog) and I do inside the property, but I'm starting to get very nervous about this as they have not contacted me once and I haven't spoke to anyone but a receptionist. 

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Try sending your report in writing.  Keep a copy of any correspondence.    Are you able to have the blinds replaced or repaired?  Was the padding and/or flooring under the carpet damaged?  How old and what condition was the carpet in at your move-in date?  The newer the carpet, the more expensive your part of the repair or replacement cost will be. 

Did you actually tell anyone at the property management office about the carpet?  I am surprised they are not more concerned about the safety hazard that damaged carpet can be.  Be sure to document all the dates you have talked to them.  When in December did the damage occur and when did you first report it? 

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The blinds have already been replaced. They were cheap 10.5 inch width window blinds.

The carpet has two major damages, in the bedroom he chewed to the liner so he destroyed the top layer, but not the liner or padding. In the spare bedroom he chewed all the way down to the wood. I'm confident that the place will need recarpeting and not just patch work, which is what scares me the most.

The damage occurred on December 3rd between 1:15PM and 2:30PM.

I contacted the PMO on December 4th at 11:31AM and spoke to an unnamed receptionist. I reported that there was damage to the carpet and I needed to speak to a property manager. She told me that she'd "let them know".

I went to the PMO in person at 12:40PM on December 15th and spoke to what I thought was a property manager, she informed me that she'd let the "property coordinator" know what was happening. I don't understand how there can be so many people with so many different positions here, because they only have 5 employees lol.

On December 16th I received an email from the same person I spoke to in person informing me that my lease was expiring soon and to schedule an inspection or be prepared to move.

On December 16th at 5:20PM I called and scheduled the inspection for January 20th, I asked the receptionist to speak to a property "coordinator" and she told me that they were "busy". I informed her of the damage again, and she said "that's no problem".

On January 5th at 8:45AM bright and early, I showed up and asked the receptionist if the property coordinator was in, she said no. I asked her when she would be in, she stared at her planner for 5 minutes and said "it would be best to just call ahead and see if she's in in the future". I clearly said "there is damage done to the carpet of the home" and she acknowledged this, didn't write it down, and politely shoo'd me out.

The carpet seems cheap, it is gray and I see it in a lot of homes around here. But I'm not an expert. I'm just worried they're going to try to take me to the cleaners.

To be honest, this is why I like dealing with landlords who own the property. If I was having to report this to someone whose home this actually was and not just a property manager, they'd have some concern. I struggle with a very severe form of anxiety disorder, I'm up night and day because of this entire situation and I find it very frustrating that they haven't contacted me back about this. I'm completely aware that this falls back on me, but some communication back from them would make this a lot easier...

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If you disagree about the valuation the property manager places on the damage, your state has free mediation through the Division of Consumer Affairs.

  1-800 342-8385

Normally you would expect to pay the depreciated value of the carpet and the cost of repair to the floor if it was damaged.  If the carpeting is more than 7 to 10 years old there may be no value left in the carpet.  The property management may be scrambling around trying to determine when the carpet was last replaced in the rental.  In any case, there may be labor costs involved in replacement/repair. 
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