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I'm not a landlord but apparently became one this year. I rented out my home to my sister and her friend. I wrote a very vague contract, more so for her friends paying her on time but I was hoping we didn't have to use it as I trusted my sister.

Well, months later I was tired of late rent or half of the rent, I find out from her friend that my sister subleased her room to a stranger after posting my house for rent online and she rented out the other room to a "mutual" friend. I already cut the rent for HER and her only, when I first rented out my house. So we have been paying about $360 something plus utilities (only trash and water).

So.. now I have 3 people who I don't know, in my home, along with someone using my personal furniture I let my sister use. I also have personal items in the closets and garage. Not very personal items but home items that are very useful to maintaining a home.

After going back and forth with these people, I asked them to move out and got a date of March 1st from them. March 1st rolls around and they refuse to move as it would be more "costly" for them and now they want to stay till the original contract is up (May 1st). I told them I would begin legal claims and they said they will fight and go after my sister. Which I don't really care anymore with her but it is my home and I want them out. 

I'm wondering If it's okay to make a new contract and have them sign it even if their move out date is in 2 months? So that when may 1st rolls around and they are not out of my house, I will have supporting documentation and not just my sisters messed up "lease" she made up. They promised they will pay on time if I let them stay till May 1st. What happens if they are late again next rent? I read that it's better to get rent + late fee, then no rent at all. But if they gave me their word and go against it, it worries me that they wont follow through with move out by May 1st.

Or should I try to get them out now. I figure it would be more headache and money wasted in forcing them out now, not to mention if they get upset and trash my home. I'm so stressed everyday thinking about my house. I've been in contact with my sister and she's assured me nothings wrong with my home. 

Any information would help me on where to begin!!!

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