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Hi all!
I was told that in order to legalize your basement for rent, i should rent the 1st floor together with the basement. So, whatever restriction i put on the lease will have to be followed by tenants. If tenant didn't follow the lease restriction, landlord will not be responsible for it. is this information true? i have 2 units home, and just got violation from renting the basement. is bathroom (with shower) in basement illegal? pls advise.


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I don't understand exactly what restriction you wish to place on the use of the basement.  Many areas don't allow a basement to be rented seperately because there is only one exit from it (special sized windows for easy exit are one way around this).  But most areas will allow you to rent the first floor unit with a basement.  You really need to look at your state and local laws to see what restrictions they place on using basement rooms.  Some areas will not allow you to use these areas for living space or bedrooms.  Other areas will allow their use if connected to the first floor unit.  Check these laws and see what they say or check local and state building codes for any restrictions for fire or safety reasons.

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