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I live in my home w/my 83 yr old Father.  We went thru a real estate agency to find a tentant.  He attempted to give me a check for a deposit that was not his.  He said he was in between banks. 

I didn't know his name until that day, as the real estate keeps that info so we don't override him, but the real estate said they checked him out.  He said he would be bring me cash or money order on Monday as banks were closed now.  But, he got a bit upset that I wouldn't take the ck from someone that was not going to be living there.

After he left, I put his name into google and found a mug shot.  He was arrested in another state a few years ago.  I called the sheriff's office and they said that he violated probation but didn't have any details.

Do I have any rights to refuse taking in that person bec it's my private home because of that if I choose?  It made me really uncomfortable and worried.  We have the same main entrance to the house.  Then we have 2 doors inside to our 2 private residences, but he would have entry into the main house.  What rights do I have?  Thanks!
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