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Hi all,
Would appreciate any insights from landlords.  I am fixing the AC in my rental unit and have given my tenants 3 day notice.  I have offered to let the AC company in the unit to fix and will stay for one hour.  They are both at work during the day.  however, I cannot stay for the full 6 hours and have asked tenant to make themselves available or schedule on weekends.  As a landlord do I HAVE to be there for all appointments or is that responsibility on the tenant?

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I never let contractors in.  With this many units, I don't have 6 hours a day to spend babysitting contractors for each one.  I tell them at signing that maintenance will call them to make an appointment convenient to them.  They need to be there to let him in.  Their lease even says they will be charged for no shows (when the contractor arrives and no one is there to let him in.)  If their schedule changes, it is their responsibility to change the appointment.  If they don't, I have to think, "Do they really want it fixed?"
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