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I am a tenant in an 11-month lease arrangement in Michigan.  We accidentally bent some of the fins (the thin metal slats) surrounding the external A/C unit in several places.  The landlord gave us the number of a repairman and told us to have the repairman diagnose the damage.  The repairman said the damage was only cosmetic, and that we could either straighten the fins out ourselves or pay him to straighten them.  Our landlord told us to pay to have the fins straightened out so that the repairman would be responsible to make sure it met an acceptable standard.  We paid $125 to have the fins straightened, but they still look bad.  The repairman told us there's nothing more that can be done to straighten the fins, but that the problem is only cosmetic.  The landlord is not happy with the repair job, and now wants us to pay him additional money for the damages.  My perspective is that we paid for repairs per the landlord's request, and we shouldn't have to both pay for repairs AND compensate the landlord if he doesn't like the job.  I think if the landlord isn't pleased with the job he can take it up with the repairman.  What further obligations do I have with this as a tenant?

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your first mistake was finding and paying the repairman yourself..reporting it to your landlord was your obligation, which you did, but that's as far as your responsibility goes..the land lord then is responsible for making the decision on how to handle the situation..that's what the security deposit is for..i guarantee if you don't come up with an agreement soon about the damaged fins, he will want to keep part or all of your deposit (unjustly of course). Learn from your mistake, remember you are the tenant..not the owner of the property, your responsibility is just to report..
Mr. Sanchez

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Thank you for your response.  The landlord found the repairman for us and told us to work with and pay the repairman.  In hindsight, I agree that having the landlord contract directly with the repairman would have been the way to go.  I'm not sure what to do if the landlord tries to withhold some of my security deposit now.  He's worried that the damaged fins will reduce the value of the home, but given that it is purely cosmetic and on the A/C unit behind the house, I don't think it should really affect his home value.  Any other advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.
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