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I am renting a house remodelled above-average quality. The previous tenants (families) always hired a cleaning service ($120 once a month). New applicants are three 25 yr old men (one gvmt employee; two grad students from top college). They all look good in credit, background, referral. But looking back when I was 25 yrs, I am concerned that they do not keep the house clean and after 1-2 yrs the grease and dirt may become too bad to clean. Do you think I can require in the lease that they hire a monthly cleaning service? They really want this house.

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I think that's a bit much. To assume that grown adults can't keep a place clean is too nanny state to me. Of course lots of people that age won't clean it to your standard, but to assume they can't or won't is too much. What if they are willing to clean it? Why do they have to budget money on top of rent and utilities to have someone else clean it when they can do it? That will be the first thing they ask. 

This is what a security deposit is for. If it's beyond normal wear and tear, you charge to have it cleaned properly when they move out, end of story. 

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What if you offer to include the cleaning in the rent for an extra $100/mo?  For an extra $33 per person they get a clean house every month.  Not a bad deal.  I would make it clear that you are subsidizing it so they know it's a deal.
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