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Ok, here's my situation:
Our tri-plex was bought by husband and wife realtors and I've been talking with them since they first looked at the property. They live 4hrs away and won't move here for about a year. Our relationship has progressed to the point of me helping out with stuff that needs done on the property. They are really super nice people and have already gotten us a used better cook stove. They also will be doing upgrades soon.

We signed the new contract and our rent was lowered $25 a month. She told me that I would be paid $15hr for any work they had me do. So in the last two weeks she's had me do things around the property and I haven't kept specific track of time and work. So two days ago I mentioned the subject as delicately as I could and this is what I got,

"I want you to just be the "go to " person that the other tenants would be able to say something, like water is coming in my slider, or, the dog behind us chewed thru the fence, but not just the talking to them, they all have a life and need to be left alone, I just want to know if something happens I can call on you, or, if I need something. There will be a lot of little things I am sure that could come up while we are not there. Hopefully there isn't much there yet, like an hour or so?"

I have done more than an hour or so. I'm not sure how she thinks that. 
So, at this point I feel like she's taking advantage because I live here, sem-retired (because I don't want to say retired) So what do I do? How do I fix this? I don't want this to go bad and I can see that the potential for it going real bad is there if I don't handle this correctly.

Just looking for advice or suggestions, please keep the negative to a minimum.



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I would just say, "When we spoke before, we agreed to $15 per hour. I am happy to be the go to guy, but I assume our previous agreement would still be in place. My records show that the work so far has reached 8 hours. On MM/DD I worked 3 hours on unit x doing such and such. On MM/DD I worked 5 hours on units a and b fixing the something issue. I think this is a great value for you and I am happy to continue doing such work. If you have any concerns about any of this or I am mistaken about what our original agreement was, please let me know."

This way, you are firmly yet politely reminding her of what you already agreed to and still staying positive about it. If she doesn't like it for some reason, no big deal, you stop doing the work. 

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Then it slowly deteriorates into nastiness and who wants to live with that...........

Thanks, it's exactly what I thought......
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