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I currently live in a 2-family home in which I rent out the first floor unit.  The area I live in is an affluent suburb of Boston that has mostly families or young working professionals so we only get a certain kind of applicant. 

Anyway, I am wondering if this situation where I, the landlord live on the property, is less attractive to prospective tenants?  Do I have less prospects than if I lived offsite?  I feel like when many of these prospects show up, they are not thrilled by the fact that the landlord lives on the property.

Anyone experienced this?

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I would imagine that many people would not prefer this. If they can find something else that they like just as much, that could certainly lean them toward the other option. All you can do is be friendly and not come off as a controlling nitpicker, but beyond that, there isn't much you can do. I certainly wouldn't advertise it.
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