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We are in Rhode Island. 
We have a problem with our tenant started May 2018, we just bought the house and the previous owner sent her a notice to vacate by July 20th 2018. However, we found out that the vacate letter would not hold up the court so we, as new owner, sent her a new notice on July 30th to ask her to vacate the premise by August 31st. 

She told us that she will let us know that she will move out only when she found a place. (She knows she had to leave July 20th but didn't) We had no other choice but to find a place to stay temporarily for the month of Sept and October 2018. We paid the deposit for the new place on July 26th because our lease ends August 31st.

On August 4th, she told us to keep her deposit and she will move out Sept 2nd. (and she HAS to leave August 31st) We let her know that we would not want to use deposit for the rent by text/ email and in person. What do we do? Should we bother to evict her? 

We decided to send a demand letter on 16th but we want to confirm if we are doing this right and will hire a lawyer if necessary. She could say she will move out Sept 2nd but it does not mean she definitely will and we have no power to kick her out other than the eviction. 

Will filing an eviction put her name in the public record?
Last question, can we do this ourselves and not hire a lawyer? 
Thank you
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