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We rent mainly to gas/pipeline workers who come in for several months from out of state. We rent furnished/all inclusive units....One rent covers everything.

Although all individuals fill out application, only one usually signs the lease...and the others pay him. We include an addendum to the lease listing the authorized guests and holding the lesee responsible for their damages etc.

My tenant approached me today....he is not happy with the behavior of one of the guests and has asked him to leave by tomorrow.  The guy is resistant.....but will ultimately be going to another place.

For the future... what rights do the authorized guests have? Is there anything we should be doing differently to protect ourselves? Can we evict an authorized guest?  This particular guest has not done anything to hurt us or the property.... I think it is more a relational conflict between the guys.


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Let the master tenant handle this.  Your lease is with him.  If you want to evict someone from the unit, you would likely have to list the master tenant and all others in order to get the guest out.

The alternative is to sign with each guest as they rent a room in the house.  Then you can evict just on tenant in the unit if he violates rules incorporated into a lease.
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