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I was wondering who is responsible to take care of rodents and roaches on a property. My tenants moved in 7 months ago and when I gave them possession to the property it was free of any pests. As of this morning the tenants sent me a message stating that I need to get an exterminator as soon as possible because we have found seven big roaches in and around the property. I was looking at my lease agreement and there is nothing that states who is responsible for extermination but it does state that the tenant must keep the property in clean orderly and sanitary conditions. When I think about the situation the tenants are the only ones who can attract roaches into the property. So I feel that I should not have to pay for an extermination company if it's the tenants negligence. What should I do?

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It depends on state law and your lease. Most states specify that you need to keep the place habitable and pest free. In general, it falls on you. However, if you are doing your part and they still have pests, then there is more to fall on them.

Have you seen the space recently? Are there any open food containers, dirty dishes sitting out, etc.? I would probably put down some bait stations and while I was there I would look around to see what might be attracting them (take pictures too). Then, since you will probably find problems, email the tenant and tell them that bait stations and professional treatment can only do so much, they must keep the place cleaner or they will continue to attract pests no matter what anyone else does. It would be worth the small cost of the bait stations to get into the space and get that information.

It is reasonable that from time to time you may have to fight some pests. It is also reasonable that they keep the place clean enough to minimize that.
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