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3 months ago I purchased a townhouse I was renting.  I decided to get a roommate, and advertised on Craigslist. I advertised for a "non smoker" and "non partier" and I got the opposite. On top of that, she hasn't paid rent for 2 months!!!  She said she has just started out.
OK so I really just have a roommate, right?  People have been telling me I'm an official tenant.  I wrote her a written letter for a 30-day notice to vacate the property, which is required by Oregon law.  She has basically ignored that and keeps bringing up how 'broke' she is.  I let her know I don't care about the rent she owes, I just need her to move OUT ASAP.

So the next step would be to write her an eviction notice.
Do I really have to go through all this?  There was no written agreement or lease, she is just a roommate.  She doesn't even have her mail delivered here.  We verbally talked about that if it wasn't working for any of us that she would just move out.  But she says she can't move out!!!  I am basically being held hostage in my own home!  

Yes I know it was very stupid to not have a written lease and such, but can I just have her things moved while she is at work and the locks changed?  She just isn't going to move.


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yes you have to evict
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