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One of four tenants is trying to break the lease (all four signed the lease) going back 6weeks, and has now resorted to saying there's illegal drug use going on, which is of course in violation of the lease (standard SC res contract). Claims safety concerns which of course didn't exist prior to an apparent falling out w.the roommates. Tenant is trying to put me in the middle of issues w.the other tenants.

I have no problem allowing this tenant to find a subleasee or even terminate early provided a replacement roommate is secured by tenant, just wondering what my obligations are here re the drug use - have not witnessed anything nor have I seen evidence thereof. My instinct is to tell tenant I'm not intervening in their feud. Also reports an unauthorized person is living in the house (presumably the partner of one of the other roommates), and while that is a violation of the lease, is enforcement of that violation is at my discretion?

Thx for replies.

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you have not seen anything, nor police involvement. not much u you can do. You have to be able prove it, in court.
let them figure it out

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Yep.  If the tenant sees drug use or any crime, it is their responsibility to report it to police.  If they don't, then they are complicit in allowing a crime.  Ask only for any police reports.  No reports?  Then all tenants remain jointly and severally liable for the lease.
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