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Greetings fellow Landlords,

Any Landlords out there in LaLa Land (Los Angeles) that are experts in Rent Control/Section 8 Housing rules?

I have Section 8 tenant who's one-year lease has already expired and is now on a month-to-month.  My Manager and I suspect this woman is running a brothel or house of ill-repute, which is obviously illegal.

My Manager gave her a 90-Day Notice to Move, but today we received a letter from the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles that states we cannot give her such a notice and that the tenant does not have to move.

That seems utterly ludicrous to me, given that this woman is bringing these stragers in off the street in the wee hours of the night who have no business being on the property in the first place.

Does anyone have the expertise to validate or contradict what this Housing Authority notice indicates?

Thank You.

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I don't live in LA, but some areas of the country under rent control only allow "for cause" evictions.  In these areas, you must have just cause to ask a tenant to vacate, even on a m2m.  Ask your HA if this is the case there.

If so, you need to prove why she can't stay.  Start calling the cops (vice), your city council person, the health dept, anyone who will listen.  Tell them about her business.  Ask if they will help shut her down. 

Additionally, any way to put up a security camera to record who comes through the common areas?  That with a bunch of signs saying the area is being monitored will slow her business to a crawl.

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Almost all Housing Authorities require the landlord sign a separate addendum to any lease or rental agreement. In the addendum, among other things, it states that the tenancy may ONLY be terminated for "just cause" and provides examples of just causes (criminal activity is one of them). What does your lease state? And yes, OHlandlord is correct; check with your local Housing Authority and talk with the rep that handles your tenant's file.


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Section 8 does not do month to month here, only yearly you need to talk to the case mgt in section 8 perhaps she has been disqualified from section 8? are you still receiving payments?


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OH does not require the "just cause only" addendum.  They do allow m2m after the lease ends.  And you can end that with sufficient norice to vacate for no cause.

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