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I have a tenant through section 8.  Right on the second month she paid late with late fees (it was her mom that came to pay me as she did not return my call). This is the 3rd month and again she is not returning my calls. The rent is due on the 1st and payment Ok until 5th without penalty.   Fortunately section 8 changed reduced the amount that she needs to pay but they won't tell me the reason for the change.  I am just assuming there has been an income change. She has to pay about $250, and the rest is paid through section 8.  Also, 2 weeks ago, I did the inspection, she mentioned few things that need to be fixed but is not returning my calls to make an appointment for the contractor to get in. My contract with section 8 is only for 6 months. Not sure what is the best route to take.  These are the choices I have

1.  I wait for another week, and give her a 3 day quit notice.  I am sure she is not going to take any action and then most probably I have to get the court date.  But what I do about fixing the stuff that was requested.  I don't want her to use this against me in the court which is probably her plan. Appreciate any feedback on tenant using this against the landlord for not paying the rent.  My lease says that  "landlord has the right to enter the premises to make reasonable repairs as necessary .....and also the landlord has give reasonable notice of intent to enter Rental except in case of emergency"  - since she is not responding... can I just write a letter and let her know the date repair is going to be made. And what if she stops the contractor from entering the apartment?

2.  Since the contract with housing authority is only 6 months...and they need a 3 month notice to be given to tenant unless they miss a payment in which case only a month notice is required. Should I just wait for her to miss the rent and then just give the 1 month notice to leave. The section 8 people told me that if she has not paid the rent, then I can take whatever action I need to get the rent or/and evict her.   Then what if she pays the rent, am I obligated to keep her even if she missed paying the rent for a whole months.    She has only been here 2 months and has been extremely hard...I just want this person to leave as I can always take the rent from the deposit. 

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Give your tenant a 24 hour notice to let them know that you will be entering the dwelling to make repairs.  This give you protection.  It lets them know ahead of time that you are coming in to their place.  You have every right as the manager/owner to make repairs to your property, as long as the tenant is given a reasonable time to know about it.  This will also help you if you have to go to court.  Make sure that you keep a copy of the notice for yourself and make sure that you take pictures of the before and after.  And, document any damage that is considered unreasonable and not just normal wear and tear.  Judges tend to be sympathetic to good landlords to try and keep up their properties.
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