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Sister inlaw is renting a 3bedroom house therrs a room on the outside backbof garage landlord told her theres a tentant there wasntva problem thought it was like an apartment come to find out my sisinlaw is paying all ulitites for this person while landlord collects rent frm both my opinion thats not right when this was brought to landlords attention she immediately said no one stayin there no more rents do soon so my sisinlaw is going to ask for key to that little room since she is paying rent for whole house mind you theres no separate mailbox water meter gas meter or electric meter for that room so my sisinlaw wants acess to that room or some that rent needs toget knockd off if she goin to be paying for a strangers bills what are yall thoughts on this situation

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If her lease says she's renting the entire premises, I'd just shut off utilities to that room.  Shut down the breaker to it.  Go to the basement and find any water line going to that room.  Put a shut off valve on it.  If there's a heat duct, shut off the heat to that area.  Then that room has no heat, electric, or water.  You will need to undo these items when you move out.  If she rents the home (including that room) she has the right to shut off utilities to a room she isn't using.  Just be sure she isn't doing any property damage in the process.
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