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A problem I still have with the www is I can never find anything I'm looking for, and in rare cases that I find something related it's not location-specific.  Also, I don't know if laws/policies pertaining to Section 8 are set by the states or federal. 

I heard two things, & am hoping someone can tell me if they're accurate for LL's and tenants in Iowa.

First, when a tenant is on Section 8 and their lease expires, the LL can't refuse to renew the lease simply because it expired-  as long as tenant is paying their rent portion, follows the rules in the lease, etc., LL must renew it.

Second, if LL renews tenant's lease, there's a limit on how much LL can increase the rent for the new lease. 

Can someone tell me if this info is true? 
Our Section 8 worker left her job awhile back, so I don't know who else to ask. 

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Call Metro Housing and ask for a caseworker.  Ask them if you are required to keep a Section 8 tenant after their lease expires.  A few states do require this, but the caseworker would know.  Don't give your name or the tenants'.  Just ask what the law says.

The second part is true.  The government limits their rent increases.  They may limit the increase as either a permissible percentage increase (say a flat 5% increase), or an amount allowed based on the tenants' household income according to their standards.  S8 rentals have to meet 2 standards here.  1) Rent and utilities must be no more than a set percentage of the tenant's household income (say under 30% of their income). So your new rent would have to fall under what they could afford.  2  The rent must fall under a standard rent maximum set for that sized unit in your area (They may say a 3 bedroom unit should rent for no more than $1000).  Ask the caseworker what standards they use to set tenants' rent.
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