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I have sliding glass door on the house. I also have a pass through window from the kitchen to the patio that goes out to the pool area. Last year these passed no problem. This year they are telling me I have to install screens on all of the doors including the pass through. These don't have tracks on them and will be very expensive to have them installed.

Do you have any advice?


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Do they say what kind of screens that you have to install on these?  They make a large 7' x 7' screen (originally for a garage door) that you can hang over the outside of the sliding glass door.  It has a division in the middle where it parts in two and comes back together with magnets.  Why not call them and ask to speak to the inspector and ask if something like this would work?  I used one of these on the outside of my french doors because I wanted to be able to open both sides of the doors and have air flow.  The screens sold with the door would only allow me to open one side at a time.  This was sold at  item #E6898 and cost 14.98 (+ $4.98 shipping).  I believe you can also get a sliding door screen that comes with the track at Lowe's.  This was the kind sold for the French door I bought, but cost about $80.  For the pass through, if it is fairly small, you can have one made at a glass company fairly inexpensively.  Take the dimensions of the inside of the frame and they will cut an aluminum frame for it.  Pop it into the opening and tack a small piece of trim board against it to hold it in.  They won't be able to use the pass through anymore though.  Hopefully this will allow you to pass the nitpicky S8 inspection and be OKed for your money.

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