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The law for sales is not the same as rentals.  Not even close in many aspects - which I will not go into. (You could remove toilet seats if you wanted without any problems.  They are not permanently fastened to any part of the house.  These are attached temporarily without tools and are meant to be easily replaceable.  They are not fixtures.  Fixtures are permanently attached to the structure of the house with screws, glues, or other permanent fasteners.)

You have been told by the owner that you may not use the alarm. It is not included in the ad nor the lease.  It has been explained patiently to you.  If you continue in your stance, you will have to deal with the consequences.  It appears that all you want to hear is an affirmation of your opinion.


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Actually I just want to make sure I'm not just getting someone elses opinion.

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If you don't want someone else's opinion, why are you posting here?

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LOL! Get some cow bells and hang them on the inside door knob
of the front and rear door if there is one.

The LL doesn't want to cancel the service for some reason.
Which I don't understand. Maybe she wants the alarm system to work
in it's full capacity? It might be that the LL has secured a insurance discount for
having a alarm system. She was hoping you would want to use the full scope of the alarm system and taking on the $40 monthly fee.

If it were me I would let you use it after I discontinued my account. If it works if you have the code to arm it or dis-arm it for some one breaking in. Then if the LL had a insurance discount this discount would still be valid.  Perhaps the LL doesn't know it works with out the service?.

It's installed might as well use it. If all fails try the "Manual Cow bells alarm".

Long Beach CA Landlord

Posts: 3,809
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The LL may not be able to cancel this.  She may have a contract for several years duration with a large company.  One of those that has a huge penalty for early termination (or some similar reason) - like your cell phone contract.  It could be the large insurance discount that she has secured (and the tenant using it without the contract could possibly invalidate the discount since no call would be made to the police).  It could even invalidate the whole insurance policy since the tenant would have intentionally disabled the automated call to police.  Whatever the reason, the tenant doesn't pay for this amenity and should not be using it.

And I love the cowbell idea!  In farm country like what surrounds southern OH towns, it reminded me of the old bell that was always on the inside of the country store door to let the owner know someone had entered!


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Domestica sicurezza del sistema di allarme is connected with  24/7 monitoring provide ful safety to your home whether your are inside your home or away from it.


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Alarm systems aren't really very useful.  Aside from notifying me of someone entering the premise while I'm in there.

The central station monitoring that came with my place was severly flawed.
- If the phone line was cut, central station would not be notified, but the alarm could trigger in the house.
- I tested the alarm one day when neighbors were out doing yard work.  As I walked around, I asked neighbors "do you hear that alarm bell?'  they said "So?"

I was paying for a service that was easily defeated.  I just use it now to hear when the door is opening or closing.

Best thing is to get a small, yappy dog.


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I know where I live, if I allowed a tenant to use my alarm and police came because the alarm when off I get 1 free false alarm, after that charges start, each time the charges double. 2nd $100, 3rd $200 there is no way I want to be responsible for that.


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Yes, I do think that as a tenant perspective you should allow him to use it. The only thing which you should make clear that, this changes should be included in the lease or tenant agreement. Installing Motion sensor security lighting, sensor cameras, flash light,etc. comes under modification done to property. So, all this rules and points should be discussed and followed by the tenant. To know more about the property security navigate here.

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Thank you for explaining whole ideas about safety.
Jackie Bland
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