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it depends on your choice and the quality of the carpet.If you do choose a expansive carpet for the whole house then it can be worth of 500 dollar .Otherwise the average stuff(carpet) can be available in 2 to 300 US dollars.

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I never been do that before and i don't have also plan for that because it seem that it is quite expensive.

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Originally Posted by OHlandlord
That really depends on a couple factors. 
  • How much carpet is in the house and what it would cost to replace it?
  • How old the carpet is that is there now?  If it is original to the house, it is already fully depreciated and you couldn't charge tenants for it even if the pet destroyed it.
  • How much other damage the pet could do (chewed woodwork, scratched doors, etc.)?  How about outside (landscaping that could be destroyed)?
  • What type of floors are under the carpet (urine can soak down into subfloors -requiring sanding and sealing)?
  • How much deposit do you already ask (you can't exceed 2 months rent in deposit)?
  • What is the standard in your area for pet deposits?  How much do other places charge?
  • Are there any local laws on pet deposits vs. fees?

O yes, you are right mate. These are the aspect by which you can determine how much you have to deposit for a small pet.

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Well it look's like i always seen that they don't like pets ,last time i went to a pet competition and it is a fundraising in Finland at and i notice the relationship of people and their pets i can't imagine that when you want to go for apartment you should look for those who allowed pets sad to say that they should always allow pets cause they are amazing even though sometimes they are disturbing.

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According to California statute law landlords many not charge more than two or three months’ rent as a deposit (depends on whether the property is furnished or not) . And keep in mind that if you collects more than one type of deposit, such as a security deposit and a separate pet deposit, the total of the deposits cannot exceed the state limit.


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Remember, if the money is to be nonrefundable, call it a fee, not a deposit.  Deposits are refundable.  Fees are not.
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