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I live in Michigan.

My landlord sent me a list of issues within thirty days that totaled my exact security deposit of $650.  They were little nit picky things but the one I disputed by certified mail within 7 days, was 350 for lawn care.  I moved out October 31st, I mowed and raked two days prior.  They in return sent a certified letter back that was more a threat than anything, basically saying they could come after me for more but were being nice, but since I requested back 350, they are going to screw me over.  I have since waited the 45 days from move out and they have not sued me for security deposit.  I have kept all letters and receipts from the usps showing the dates.  I read the michigan law allows fro 2x security deposit after 45 days.  I am going to take them to small claims, but should it be for the lawn care ($350) or $350 x 2.  I didn't dispute anything else in my letter, just the lawn care.

I appreciate any insight.


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You will want to ask for the maximum the law allows.

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because they didnt follow the guidelines and take me to court for it, do they forfeit the entire security, even then things i didnt dispute?

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I live in California. Lessors have 21 days to either return deposit, submit repair deductions with receipts etc. This is generally construed as a forfeit to claim of deposit and a violation of tenants rights and can be mutually agreed for full/partial return. Send a demand letter with a reasonable response time, with the implication of possible legal action. My ex landlord is playing stupid with me. He has acknowledged every text/email request I sent to honor return of deposit. No formal response or check yet, and I am at 40 days...a clear violation of my rights without explanation. I am sending the " big nasty gram" demanding deposit return or face civil action.
David W Neumann
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