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HI, my tenant brought bed bugs into her unit via her luggage (stayed at infested hotel, she admits this).

Can I deduct the cost off extermination from her security deposit?

I am paying for it because she claims she can't affford it and she'll "fix it herself". But I'm freaked out and don't want them migrating to my apartment (2 family, I live next door.

When she moves (lease up in March, I won't renew it) I want to deduct the cost from her security deposit.

This is New Jersey.



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If she admits it, and you can prove this was her fault, charge her for it now (not later).  While she does admit it now, she won't later when she gets the bill.  Get a witness.  Don't wait to take it out opf her deposit.  Send her a bill for the extermination now.  If she refuses to pay it,. you can take it out later.  But make every attempt to collect it now.

For other readers - normally you cannot charge for bedbugs in an apartment because you can't prove where they came from.  But this tenant was in one half of a duplex, the LL in the other, and the tenant admits fault.

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