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I bought a multi family house recently which had tenants on a lease.  I agreed to allow the tenants to remain under the original lease.  Now they are moving out and there is some damage (torn carpet from pets, missing cabinet door) that existed when I purchased the property. 

Am I entitled to expenses for fixing this damage from their security deposit, or did I assume I was buying the property already in that condition when I made that offer? None of this damage was mentioned in my purchase and sale agreement. 

Assuming the house was not sold, the previous owner/landlord would have taken money for these expenses from the security deposit when the tenant moved out.


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When a house is sold, the lease merely transfers to the new owner.  You must honor any lease that is in place when you buy property.  Did you get her file when you bought the house?  If not, you don't know that the damages weren't there when she moved in.  You don't know that she caused the damage since you don't have the before inspection.  You cannot assume the former owner would have charged her.  This is why you should ask for all files and documents that pertain to any current tenants when you close on a house.
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