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Hey guys,

so i have a condo that i want to sell and im not sure on how to go about it.

Ive had a tenant for 9 years and she has been amazing!!! always paid rent on time and never complained. and i ve never increased her rent. But unfortunately im needing to sell my unit and transfer the equity to a property out of California. My tenant is on a month to month and im not sure how to go about selling the unit. I dont want her to be stressed about moving so i will wait until she is out so i can do repairs and get it ready for sale.

Can anyone advised me on how to go about this? Do i have to give her 30-60 days notice to vacate? What happens if she get angry?



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If she is month to month then it should mean you give her 30 days unless your state requires 60. If she gets angry she needs to put on her grown-up pants and be an adult and acknowledge that SHE CHOSE to sign a lease that was month to month. If she is nice and asks for a reasonable extension (I wouldn't go beyond an extra month) then that's fine. Once she is out, get it fixed up and sell it.

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Most CA areas say you need to give 60 days if they have lived there that long, so go for the longer notice.  This property isn't under rent control, is it?  Special rules apply to those properties.  Just give her notice, tell her that you have to sell because of financial issues.  Thank her for being a good tenant for so long.  And hopefully, send her on her peaceful way.
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