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I live in apartment where I send the property management my rent check. I do not know my landlord, I only deal with the property management. So basically I sent the property management June's rent on time,for the entire month of June they did did not cash the check. At first I was skeptical, so I held off on sending July's rent in the mail. Once they realize July's rent was not on time, they notified me via email about it and let me know what the late fee will be. Once I sent July's rent, they cash it immediately and informed me I had a late fee, that I can pay in August.(June's rent has still not been cash ) Due to some financial situations, I was late on my August rent. Once I was able to mail the check, I email them letting them know I was including last month late fee, and August late fee all together. I then receive an email basically stating that I still have a past due balance on my account. The property manager informs me that my June's rent check bounce. Should I be skeptical ? Why am I being notified in August that my June check bounce . When I was late for July's rent, I receive an email letting me know my past due balance was 35 dollars for the late fee. Basically is there a time frame on letting someone know that their check has bounce ? I have a feeling they lost my July's check is now trying to say my check bounce in August. If the check did bounce I have no issue on paying it, but I feel like its sketchy, and will like a second opinion.

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Did you not actually have enough funds to cover June's rent? Regardless of when they deposit it, you are responsible for maintaining a sufficient balance in your checking account to cover all checks that you write. 

It sounds like the property manager is very unorganized and probably didn't even try to deposit June's check until much later. It was probably accepted on time (which is why you didn't get a notice saying it was late) and then got lost in the office. Once he found it again, he tried to deposit it and it bounced. Although it is unprofessional, if this is what happened it really isn't his fault that it bounced.

It is at least worth mentioning that if you noticed it was not deposited, you could have asked about it. I have tenants do that all the time (and we deposit everything at least every Friday, if not more frequently). 

At the end of the day, it is your responsibility to cover all your checks, even if they take longer than they should to deposit them. You have to pay it on time, that doesn't mean they have to immediately take it to the bank. I don't think he broke any laws or your lease (unless your lease explicitly states a time frame for checks to be deposited).


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check with you bank to see if it bounced
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