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Another unusual situation in Los Angeles..
I advertised a single home rental at 1 yr lease. A company '911 housing solution' called me if I can accommodate short term (3 mo +) at 20% higher rent for displaced tenants. The tenants houses were damaged and under renovation by insurance money. The insurance pays the rent. 

I would be able to check the tenants FICO, income, background. The tradeoff is between short term turn around and higher rent. I would stay away from the short term because of the extra work for turnover and also more wear tear, as long as I can get long term tenants. What do you think?

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+20% seems like a good deal but I'm not familiar with the market.  Look up the company to see if they are legit.  Seems odd that they aren't looking for furnished housing.  As long as you get to screen everyone and the company contacting you is for real, I would consider it.  Don't let it put your next turnover off season though. That will kill the extra profit you would make.
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It might cost you more than that 20% premium just in the downtime when these people move out in a few months. Unless you are having trouble renting it (in which case, why?), I would stick to finding long-term tenants that aren't guaranteed to be out again in just a few months.

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You will have the usual skent , dent, dings and clean up, plus down time in between with 3 months as you would with 3 years.

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Originally Posted by seomyrsa
Short term rentals or commercial space for rent are available on many websites that start from a few days to a few weeks.

retail space for rent
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