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Our tenant gave notice and we do not want the rental to sit empty and would like to re-rent within a week after she moves out. We have posted on social media sites and have a lot  interested possible tenants. I have old pictures of the house but nothing recent (current tenant has been in there for over 3 years). I have a couple of serious prospects and they want to see the inside of the house. Can I show them the inside of the house WHILE the current tenants still reside in the home?  Can I legally do that??? It is in the lease that we can access the property to display the proper signage within 30 days of notice termination, but nothing where we can show prospects the house after termination. We would like to get someone else in there ASAP....but hard to do that if the prospect can't see what they are renting!!...Any ideas, and what is legal in North Carolina??


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it should be in your lease, if it is not, make sure it is in the next one...................
ask your tenant to show the place, most will let you

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I didn't see a statute under the legal section here.  But if its in the lease, I'd give them proper written notice (at least 24-48 hrs) that you will be showing the unit to prospective tenants on a specific date & time (during business hours).  Group your showings close together to minimize any disturbance to your tenants, and have help on hand to make sure prospective tenants don't disturb your current tenant's belongings.
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