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Simple LL software that uses quick books as it's base?
Is there such a creature? Quick books is what most CPA's demand your tax accounting be formated in. QB's is complicated for LL accounting though. You have to create lots of classes etc in order to be able to use the full power of quick books.

Long Beach CA Landlord

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What CPA demands your accounts to be in a certain format?!!!  Who is the boss, you (who pays them) or them?  My CPA demands nothing other than I give him all the information he needs to do my taxes in some readable and understandable format.  He doesn't care if they are in Quickbooks or some other program, or even if they are in no computer program at all.  I know some older LLs who still do their accounting on written ledgers and they turn those in to him. A good accountant has no problem with this.  If your accountant is demanding that your accounts be in Quick Books format, it's time to get a new accountant.

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I use a web-based property management software it is simple, and is setup similar to quickbooks.  I use them to collect rent online via electronic checks (ACH) and because the software is free.


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We also needed good property management software for accounting and everything else.  None of the cheaper web-based software handled accounting correctly and we didn't want to spend the money on Yardi.  About 6 months ago we got Total Management - Property Management Software software and our accountants say they like it better than QuickBooks (which we were using). 
Owner and Manager of over 1,000 units.
Using Total Management Software:

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Reply with quote  #5 is similar to Quickbooks in that it has accounting features such as a general ledger, however isn't so complex to learn and is tailored for landlords and property managers. It's currently in beta so you get 2 months free right now, after that it'd only be $5/month if you have 1-2 properties.

It's simple and intuitive to use, which is more than I can say for other software I've used such as Quicken Rental Property Manager and LandlordMAX. 

Some of the features:
- Manage your properties, tenants, lease agreements, and rental finances.
- Generate alerts when tenants are late on rent, when a tenant's lease is ending, etc...
- Run reports on things like net operating income, cash on cash invested, etc...
- Document sharing (lease agreements, eviction notices)
- Prospective tenant history search

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