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In my lease I clearly stated that there is NO SMOKING allowed in the premises and also cover that any debris from smoking outside needs to be disposed of inside after properly extinguished- however we noticed that the tenant continued smoking in the apt for almost a year..She would also open the bathroom window in the winter time when she smoked in the bathroom. The heat and HW is included in the rent and we had to speak to them on several occasions for opening windows in the dead of winter - our heating bill this year was 800.00 more than last year. Long story short, we realized when spring came and the snow disappeared that we have quite a collection of cigarette butts on our lawn directly beneath their bathroom window.
Can I charge them for this in any way from their security deposit?
I also had to replace their toilet because they accidently dropped a pencil in it and it was constantly clogged. Again they left the window to the bathroom open in the dead of winter for weeks when this happened and never informed us of how bad it was until we commented on the window being open. Can I charge them for having to replace the toilet from the security deposit?

Thanks so much
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