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I asked this client of mine to get a tenant out of one of my apartments and he somehow did. I discussed   future improvements with him. Even suggested he could stay and be a on site mamager with him. He then took it upon himself to remove the old tenants, he moved himself in, and eight others without my permission. He has since collected and keeping thousands of dollars in rent and has the entire property at risk. The units he is occupying are not ready for rent as they are not to code and has opened  me up to liability.
There is no agreement being violated and he is now refusing to leave. I consider him squatting. how can i get rid of him?

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That's going to depend on the laws in your state.

I would first treat it as simply trespassing (don't use the word squatter) and if the cops won't remove him based on that, then you have to treat him as a squatter in which case I would get an attorney involved so that you know what to do and in what order. 
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