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Hi I am the primary tenant of a 4 bed 4 bath unit in chicago. I have one subtenant who is moving out early and still has three months on his lease. Another subtenant is also moving out but was on month to the then a third one relocated because of a job offer so Ill havew three rooms empty. The job offer one said he will pay til i get someone in there but still dont want to have to pay for the other two. I have tried to find a replacement but havent had any luck. What are the steps to get him to pay? I dont know if the landlord gave him his deposit back yet either since he went over my head for last and this months rent. If he didnt then obviously I will use that.

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This depends.

If you are renting a home, and in turn you are renting to others you are their landlord. If you all are renting home and are all on same agreement then you all are equally responsible.

If you are renting as the master tenant, and you have a person renting a room from you then you are in the same position as a regular landlord and you must evict or sue in small claims. One reason to never be "master renter" as you are personally responsible for whole place. Don't do that again.

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