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I rent out 10 lake cottages under month to month leases. I, of course, ran his name before renting but it turns out he goes by his middle name first. So, two days ago the police knock on another one of my renter's door to verify that he does indeed live on the property. They are now upset and want me to evict him straight away. I explained that, though it is an uncomfortable situation, it is illegal to do so. Granted everyone has their story and he does pay his rent, I also have a marina business attached to the property. I am afraid that this will blemish my reputation for further rentals and boat slip rentals. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Or experience with this type of situation?

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If he's on a month to month, you only need to give him a 30 day notice to vacate at the end of this month.  You don't need to give a reason beyond not wanting to continue his monthly contract.  If he doesn't move after his notice expires, you can evict him.  Most states have a sex offender website that you can search by last name.  Look to see if your state has one.  Also most states have laws that restrict where a sex offender may live.  They usually state xxx feet from a school, park, daycare, etc.  If you can find any of those places within that distance, you can do a much shorter notice period (3 days here).

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Unless you know someone willing to put an injunction on him.  Otherwise I agree with OHLandlord.  I've worked for many landords but I'm one of the good ones.  One landlord did month to month, give 30 notice but ones who rent an entire house it cost her $600.00 to evict them.  That's when the injunction comes in handy.  Why can't their be more good tenants?  I'm upfront with all landlords.  I've landed quite a few jobs being that way.  I worked for most all my landlords they loved my work.  I can use almost any tool a man can & almost do anything a man can.  Roofing, construction, plumbing, landscaping, clean outs etc...I trained Denny's managers and cooks for over 35 years this is where the respect comes from.  After they were through with training through me they get a big head and get mean to employees but I still respect them.  So the thing that I tell apartments, rooms etc...that I am trying to rent which I am seeking a place to live and can pay and work, is:  No pets, no drugs, no parties, no drama, no kids, no friends or relatives coming by, clean quiet, mind my own business, you don't have to ask for your money, I own my truck, 58, disabled but get around good.  Only 2 bad things are on me=My low credit score of 580 and I smoke but willing to go outside.  I can pass a background check, application, criminal check, eviction check but low credit score.  Anyone interested in a really GOOD renter with only 2 bad items on me?  Loveabl1[bawl]
Mary N Stamper[wink]

Mary N Stamper[wink]

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Hopefully you have the situation resolved by now.  But you can evict.  If he lied on the application and said "No Arrests or convictions", you can terminate the lease.

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At least you are trying to do something about it.  My in-laws rented to an accused sex offender that only got out of his trouble because he was kin to some higher ups in the county. He, his wife and little kid have now moved in a convicted sex offender after he got out of prison. This is all within 150 yards of a school.  I've got three girls in the house, my in-laws know that these people have committed these criminal acts, yet they are still allowed to live next door to me and their grandchildren.   As long as they get the rent, they don't seem to care. 

The sad thing is that their rentals are located in an area that you would have no problem at all finding good renters.  It's in (or at least was) a nice neighborhood and with a little effort you could keep very .good long term renters.  Folks, put a little effort in renting out your units.  It will save you and your neighbors a lot of headaches down the road.

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I put my first tenant in jail. He stole the neighbor’s cars and sold them to scrap yards. He had a prison record and had been out for a while working at a local steak house. They didn't have any problems with him so I decided to help him,  his girlfriend, and her daughter by leasing a house to them. Big mistake. 1 week after they move in, he lost his job. To pay for the next month’s rent, he had the cars in the lot next door towed away to several junk yards in three counties. When I found out, I call the owner and told him what had happened. These were cars the owner used for parts. He repairs cars. I asked him to contact the local police and make sure they had my contact information. For one month, I worked with the detective while he investigated. They arrested him. He got out on bail. I gave a notice of eviction to the girlfriend and also stated that the boyfriend could not be within several hundred yards of the crime scene. State statute. She moved out and I kept the deposit. The officer working the case said that it was commendable for me to try and help an ex-convict but recommended that I not do that in the future. 
If he lied to you about his background, get him out ASAP.

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